Jewellery & Accessories

Often with Dreadlocks, things like hats, headbands, clips, ties, etc are a little harder to find. Normal clips and things get caught or just simply don’t fit over top of dreadlocks. We are always on the look out for Dread-friendly headwear and have even hand crafted our own. From keeping the dreads tied back or accessories to look good, these are what we have found and created:


These stylish pieces look good to hold those dreads up in a bun. No teeth, no catching those dreads.
Available in wood, printed wood and bone.


Ties can be tricky to find in a good size and when you do, they generally have a metal join. These catch dreads and hurt. Available are metal-free ties and our very own Dread-ties. These are larger and easy to get over dreads since they are adjustable and stretchy for comfort.
Each tie is a unique hand made design.


Cant go past the good old regular clip for that quick tie up! Dread clips have bigger holes for those dreads.


Good to keep off the face but still keep those dreads flowing. A large variety fit dreads including a knitted style (Made here in Christchurch NZ) which is great for winter. Also available in various colour elastics, leather weaves, plastic etc.


If you like bold colour or natural tone, dread extensions can add that little bit of colour or volume that you always wanted. These dreads are synthetic and come in a great range of colours from black through to wild colours like green or hot pink!


Hand knitted here in Christchurch NZ, these colourful hats provide the space needed for dreads and warmth in those cold days.
Each is a unique individual work of art.


It’s hard to find nice beads with the large holes to get over those dreads. We search high and low to find them and we have gathered quite a collection.
Everything from glass, wood, metal, shell, stone and Dukit (like fimo) are available.


Dreadsocks: Seed beads are hand woven into colourful socks.

Wire creations: Wire woven with beads and shaped into patterns for a patterned look to the dread.

Shells: From natural to carved, these pieces threaded in for the natural look.

Little Dreadful Trolls are also made here in NZ, each one unique - even the packaging is hand made. These little guys can hang from lamps, rear-view mirrors etc to add some Dread character!


Don’t forget to ask us about our vouchers - $10, $20, $50 and $100 vouchers are available.