Christchurch's most trusted dreadlock specialists for 25 years

Hi, and welcome to my world of Dreadzone, where my love of dreads is reflected in my 25 years experience. My two passions in life are aroha for my whanau and dreadlocks. Having dreads myself, I simply don’t see dreadlocks as just another hair style. Damn, I hate those two words! Like other dreadsters I don’t see my dreads as simply hair any more but dreads that are part of me and an expression of me and who I am. People who don’t have dreads and do view them as a hair style just don’t understand this concept and this is why they should never have dreads - a view I’m sure other dreadsters fully understand.

Dreadzone was born from a passion & aroha for dreads that just gets stronger; whether it’s tidying feral dreads or forming new dreads, it still excites me because I believe that dreads are a personal journey which should be a celebrated.


So with that, I would love to welcome you into my world of Dreadzone to share in the same passion. We also provide a range of products to suit your dreadful needs that the average salon does not provide.

Leiarne Mackenzie
Dreadzone Creator