Dread Care


Believe it or not, dreads DO grow! Re-growth at the base will need weaving at least every 1-2 months. The longer the re-growth gets, the more chance you also have of breaking hair at the base with fingers, etc. We realize the importance of caring for your dreadlocks. Good dreadlock maintenance is essential to keep them tidy and looking great. You can do this yourself or we can do it for you, waxing or a trim cost extra.


Waxing: The best start to new dreads is the waxing done in the first few months. Using wax you can keep them clean and looking good while they are locking... and of course the wax helps lock them faster. This important few months of waxing builds that all important core to the centre of the dreads.

Waxing is simple - just cut out a chunk of wax and drag down one side of your dread then rub between your palms. This friction heats the wax dispersing it evenly into the dread. Keep going till all dreads are waxed. There is NO need to heat or melt the wax prior to using, and only ever wax your dreads when dry. Once dreads are established (a few months old) you only need wax once in a while. You don’t need to become a slave to waxing!

There are a few misconceptions out there about wax:

In my years as a dreadlock specialist I have never struck any of these problems!

'Twistin & Rollin' is a must; it will help your dreads tighten a lot faster. Just twist and roll your dreads through your fingers and palms.

Salt: (Not just for pirates!) Salt is an amazing little asset to dreadlocks. Salt helps by cleaning your scalp, while matting up the dreads even tighter.

Skin care: In early stages of new dreads when using a lot of wax, your pores can become clogged up. We recommend a good skin care programme. Ask us about our Herbal face pack that removes wax from your pores.

Dread conditioning: Dreads can become dry and brittle whether from neglect or over processed (colour/bleach). We supply conditioners for dreads.


I have to say that dreadlocks are not dirty like some misled people believe. Sure they can be, but so can any other type of hair! It’s just a matter of how you look after them. The old school way of thinking was that you don’t need to wash dreadlocks; this was and is a myth. Unless you’re a holy sadu living away from civilization in India or just don’t have friends, then it's a really good idea to wash, even if it's once a month or part of your six monthly ritual. Washing can mean simply just rinsing dreads with good tap or sea water, there are lots of alternatives out there as well. I stock and recommend good herbal shampoos such as Dread Empire, a herbal dreadlock shampoo, (Vegan), FREE of Lauryl Sulphates. Also available is Thursday Plantation, a tea tree shampoo, Indian herbal shampoo, etc, there are a few good herbal alternatives. See our products page for the full range of what's on offer!